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Aheenam Web Agency for Web Design and Development


A Digital Agency Crafting Customized Digital Solutions

We are a small new agency located between the Ruhrgebiet and the Munsterland in the west of Germany

Specialising in requirements analysis & customer experience, we combine innovative thinking with productive development to provide the best digital solutions for every project we work on.

Create digital solutions for every problem

Every business — not matter whether it’s a small, local business or it’s an international corporation — can profit by the fast progress of the digital world. You only have to know how to usefully invest existing capabilities. We support you to find a perfect solution for your business and also ensure a clean and uncomplicated implementation of these digital solutions.

Web Design & Development

In a world where we are subjected to a load of information, we find solutions that the intended user gets the key messages and visuals in a clear and understable way.

To handle all the information you are providing the user, we support you to find the best technical tools and make content presentation very easy. We can develop WordPress but have the capability to build a complete web application from scratch as well.

Usability & User Experience

To reach the target customers, you must let them have an enjoyable and memorable expericece through all your digital services. We support you reaching this by learning your long term objectives and combining them with our researches and know-how.

As a result we will create effortless user interfaces where your users and customers will convert as you expect to do.

Windows Universal Apps

While you may have served your customers and users with professional mobile apps for iOS and Android, you will still lose valuable clients if you exclude Windows Phone User. With the rise of Windows 10 this market is growing more and more.

We have the capability to create Windows Universal Apps that match the quality of your native apps for the other devices.

Solving Problems Is What We Love

Digital solutions intent to solve a problem. As a agency crafting such solutions we are always looking for problems, we can solve. If you ever need help, feel free to contact us.

Dolinco Share the best of the world wide web at one place

At Aheenam we needed a place to collect websites that served as our inspiration for our daily work. We wanted to collect websites, put them together in one place and share them with our colleagues. There was not really useful platform that was simple but powerful enough to meet our needs. That’s why we started working on Dolinco, a very simple plattform for social bookmarking.

Typebook Write Distraction Free On Windows

You are a writer and using a Windows device? What app do you use, when you are writing your blog articles, or your latest book? Yip, we do use Microsoft Word as well, but we wanted a app that was better. An app that would help you concentrating on the writing process, that would match our workflow how we write. That’s why we started working on TypeBook.

Reposition a Personal Blog

Our task is to reposition the blog "Web und die Welt". It started as a personal blog in 2014 but wants to continue as a online magazine covering several topics.

Visit Web und die Welt

What problem can we solve?

Not matter if you just want more details or already want to start a new project, just feel free to get in touch with us!

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